Carol Leininger

Now working with authors to complete proposals and long manuscripts.

Planning and analysis to meet writing goals, whether finishing a thesis, a book, an article, or a short story.

Carol Leininger writing coach and instructor
Professional focus

Consulting and pro bono work in document planning and completion, proposal writing, and book development and publication. Based in Basel, Switzerland, and available for travel worldwide.

Career includes work at Research Triangle Institute, BBN software, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, Roche Pharmaceuticals, San Francisco State School of Business, and Duke University.

Academic degrees

Iowa State University, PhD Rhetoric and Professional Communication, 1996.  Development of an international written communication audit.

University of North Carolina School of Public Health, MPH Biostatistics, 1979.  A Preliminary Linear Discriminant Analysis of Neonatal Mortality in New York City.

The Johns Hopkins University, BA Psychology, 1975.

Regula Hohl-Trillini published Casual Shakespeare-Three Centuries of Verbal Echoes (Routledge Press 2018), a dense, wonderful study of quotation drawing on the HyperHamlet database at the University of Basel.

Great news – two authors with whom I’ve worked on book proposals, development strategy, and content review have published books.

Barbara Sträuli published Dewrese Evdi / Dewresh, Son of Evdi: A Kurmanji Epic As Performed by the Berazi Singer Baqi Xido (Gottinger Orientforschungen III. Reihe: Iranica Neue Folge, 2017).

This Kurdish epic’s history and translation are written and footnoted in exquisite language. Barbara is working on a second book, Like a Falcon on My Hand, to make more Kurdish literature available in English.

If you write fiction, try Elm Books, a Wyoming-based press publishing diverse fiction, short stories, poetry, and children’s literature.

One of my own mystery stories, NOT SO LUCKY, is published in the Death and the Detective collection (Elm Books, 2014).

Since 2013, I’ve coached students from the University of Basel, London School of Economics, University of Maastricht, and other schools to finish theses and articles in subjects from physical therapy to computer science to literary theory.

Actions to complete writing projects that friends and peers can do with you –

  • intensive review to identify strengths and challenge claims
  • encouragement to produce text by definite dates for review
  • proofread language use and consistency

A commitment to produce text for review is a great motivator. Sticking to that promise will do a lot to get you to DONE.

Contact me if you need more support than you want to ask your network to provide.

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