Proposals tell a compelling story that answers readers’ questions

Baseline logic of all proposals (thanks to Freed, et al)
  • Current situation, S1 – What are its limitations?
  • Desired situation, S2 – What does the ideal future look like?
  • Objectives – What is the purpose of changing S1 to S2?
  • Methods – How S1 –> S2 – How will you do the work?
  • Qualifications – Why are you the best person to execute methods?
  • Costs and timelines – How much will results cost and when they will be delivered, based on methods/qualifications?
  • Benefits, tangible and intangible, from achieving S2 – What benefits will you deliver from your methodology and expertise? Who benefits?

Freed, Richard C., Freed, Shervin, and Romano, Joe. Writing Winning Business Proposals. McGraw-Hill Professional, Third Edition. 2010.

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