Writing Management

Project Management

Plan, Write, Finish

To gain control over a long document, apply project management.

Or contact me for document analysis and support – I’ve worked with other writers to complete articles, theses, proposals, and books.

Common Cases
  • Writing motivation – how to move past writer’s block / just not wanting to write
  • Book proposals – what does the publisher really want to read
  • Multiple projects – what to tackle first
  • Delayed projects – how to get back on track
  • Restarting a thesis clock – how to work with the university and finish
Plan, Write, Finish –  project management steps
  • Manage content and stakeholders – initiate and plan
  • Write a draft document – execute
  • Review, revise, and refine text – monitor and control
  • Submit and defend/revise/finish – close
Advisors and Students
  • Advisors – Encourage students to use basic project management. Ask them to work backwards from due date to create a one-page plan.  Use the plan to agree on content, quality expectations, and timelines.
  • Students – Control document production and anxiety. Create a simple plan that will help you see that you are on track or if you need to alert your advisor that you may have issues to finish on time.

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